Psychic guidance


My name is Cecilia Delphi Durieux and my Therapy Program was developed through 3 decades of intensive study, research, teaching and experience. I am bringing these teachings to life in my practice through my natural abilities.

I use many modalities to help encourage and guide my clients. My main objective is to help others to find their true Dharma.

Combined with clairvoyance my spiritual psychic readings are enhanced with the Tarot cards. Every client is treated graciously as I always work from my heart to yours.


Open your mind to places you've never seen or even

knew existed before.



Tarologie by appointment exclusively

Schedule a session from Monday through Saturday - 10am to 17pm Phone:
022 735 33 62 - 078 645 12 23


*Silva Method graduate
*Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship graduate

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